Sunday, May 16, 2010


As I start to face the facts that I am growing up and need to understand that life needs to go on. I like many of my other friends seem to only find solace in two things helping others and making money. Sadly this is our experience with life, you can't enjoy much without money nor can we live the life were accustomed to without it and as many of us are not trust fund children although some are and its know (give it up) we know. We now understand that we cannot live off our parents for the rest of our lives although some other people have no issue with doing so. I have acknowledge that I cannot do that and I need to quickly set myself up in a position where I can support my parents as they have supported me. There is no need for such in the immediate future but I would rather be able to live comfortably and have prepared for when the time has come.

But let's back track closer to the immediate future. I am currently preparing for departure to go to the Peace Corps in Peru. AND YES I DO NEED TO WORK ON MY SPANISH A LOT. The coming weeks will he filled with cleaning and practicing Spanish and saying goodbyes for now and see you laters and explaining to everyone that I don't have all the details that they could possibly want. The peace corps provided me with some general information to share with family and friends but I have yet to tell some people for good reason and some people just blab when exciting things happen so I'm telling people in person therefore nothing has been added to Facebook yet and if possible let's keep it that way at least until closer to June.

Its sad seeing people as I prepare to leave seeing people from school wondering if this will be the last time that I ever see this person its sad you are people nearly every day for the last 2 or 4 years and then after graduation you may never see them again as you go separate ways hopefully people will keep their Facebook pages or I can get everyone’s linked in profile so that I can still have some way to contact people since I'm assuming that people may choose to get new cell numbers but I hope not I've had the same number for the past 8 - 10 years some where between those numbers and I plan to continue to keep my number as long as I live in the states and even if I move I'm going to try to port the number to some sort of voip account so that I can always be reached in the years to come and no one ever has to rememorize my number

I'm definitely going back and forth between things in this post I guess my life posts are just gunna be like this so if you get confused reading these posts 'that's fine' because life is confusing decider it as you can and realize that life is hard to understand.

Signing off soon to be here in this here Peru

Este Aqui Peru


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