Sunday, August 1, 2010

the time is almost here i will soon know exactly where i will be for the next years of my life...
and the people i will be working with!!!!

and people keep asking me what i would like them to send me and i will soon know the response to give once i get to my new location.....


Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ok so I'm not exactly sure why but i seem to be blanking out. Its really odd, well not that odd. I have been ignoring complete languages NOT GOOD! I have managed to forget words in spanish and english and have no idea what is going on. So confusing when that happens and when people switch between english and spanish i have no idea what is going on, and it doesn't help that in my house they have been watching shows that are only in english and have spanish subtitles. Not working out so well and ugh I've been studying spanish, STUDYING SPANISH!!!!! why do i need to study it out side of classes when I'm talking to people every day! why? i can understand studying writing it but I'm practicing speaking by my self it makes no since its so odd I'm having issues conjugating stuff and I don't understand it i thought i was saying things perfectly fine earlier but now i have no idea! so weird. I don't understand but neways i think I'm going to head back to go study and figure out what i need to go and do to advance my language level so that i can have my language at the level required in order for me to swear in August.

Birthday Surprise

Yesterday was my host sisters birthday and of course...I didn't know until i got back home saw that she and my mom weren't there and proceeded to wash my clothes and once they got back and told me that dinner was ready i saw a cake and still waited until after i finished my dinner and then i found out that it was her birthday! it wasn't a grand party tho just singing and having some cake, but i feel bad like i should have known and now I'm going to run over to get something for here for her birthday but I'm going to have to wait until later to actually be able to get it ugh the life of a PCT don't know whats going on. I really need to figure out how to just understand spanish and not need to translate it into english for me to comprehend it fully.


So I'm black and I apparently stand out, ya I do actually at least here I don’t think that I will near the afro Peruvians but here I do, when I first got here I was close to the complexion of some other people here but now that I've gotten darker and I'm clearly taller than a lot of people here I often stand out and apparently more than I thought because apparently people know me before I know them. I recently just met one of the other volunteer’s parents and they knew my name where I lived and it was quite a bit of information. And the volunteer that lives with them actually said that they seem pretty fascinated with me and the other black volunteer which I had no idea. The first week that I was here I met another another volunteers abuela antrifonia y she said that I look like a Peruvian saint (I think she said san martin)

I don’t remember and other people have said that I look like him too but I have still yet to see a picture to see if it’s true or not. But FYI I apparently have the entire community looking out o at me!


What has Royce been doing for the past 4 weeks..... Learning SPANISH!!! Well More SPANISH and Peruvian Slang etc. and preparing for the next 2 years learning teaching styles that can help me to get the point across in ways that have worked for other people.

So I have been working in a group with people preparing for the last couple weeks of training where we get to kinda go and do what we will be doing at our sites with little supervision and where we have close access to people that have done this in the past and because the activities have to be done in the evenings or mornings (non traditional class times kinda) things have to be kept more interactive and non traditional so that people will learn and be attentive, because the educational system is different than in the states here they focus more on the definition of everything I've been told and not as many people focus on the actual process as it is taught in comparison to the definition, something that people in the states do not tend to focus on and rarely know a clear definition.


Ok so its getting close to the time that I need to do another interview to see how well I have been learning and adapting to the language and I had no real idea what I was suppose to be doing for it other than talking. Last week I decided to take the approach to 'wiing it' last week because carrying around my dictionary everywhere wasn’t exactly working for me, and I didn’t feel like I was really learning words I just felt like I was just looking for words and not really having a decent conversation. That approach has seemed to work but then again it hasn’t. And today I went to go and ask the language instructors what is actually necessary for me to advance my level and learn what I need to show that I can do and its stuff that I think that I can do I just don’t all of the time because I get hung up on a word or a conjugation or a verb etc. and basically all I have to do is have a continuous conversation and continuously speak once a question is asked of me and not just answer the question which is kinda hard for me because it isn't really all that typical of me to give tons of extra info beyond what is asked of me but apparently that’s kinda of what is culturally expected from someone that is from another country so I guess I will nee to get use to is and I also need to learn how to ask more questions about people but I often don’t ask questions when I’m not interested in the answer so its kinda hard for me to just ask what really could be considered stupid questions like, how’s the weather when I knows its sunny cause I'm talking to you outside o where are you from when I know the answer. But I will just need to get over it and show that I have general interest. Its odd but I'm sure that I will eventually get over it I've been able to get over other stuff it just seems kinda odd to me I've been asked not to ask questions and what do I need to do now ask questions. Go figure.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Down Day

So... Today i dont really have too much to do in comparison to the other days that have been jam packed with excitement and training and learning spanish!!!! Ive decided that it really doesnt matter how quickly i learn spanish it will come as it comes. and as long as i understand enough to have a converstion and i am able to say please explain that word because i dont know it im still learning spanish im ok.

And i am FEELING BETTER AND NOT SICK anymore so no need to contanct mis padres and tell them.

One of my friends here suggested that we all make blog posts about bodily functions because they are a very common subject here about wether or not we have diearea actually is a common question just as common as hi how are you doing. but im not going to post that it isnt important enough to do that so im just going to say that it happens.