Wednesday, July 7, 2010


What has Royce been doing for the past 4 weeks..... Learning SPANISH!!! Well More SPANISH and Peruvian Slang etc. and preparing for the next 2 years learning teaching styles that can help me to get the point across in ways that have worked for other people.

So I have been working in a group with people preparing for the last couple weeks of training where we get to kinda go and do what we will be doing at our sites with little supervision and where we have close access to people that have done this in the past and because the activities have to be done in the evenings or mornings (non traditional class times kinda) things have to be kept more interactive and non traditional so that people will learn and be attentive, because the educational system is different than in the states here they focus more on the definition of everything I've been told and not as many people focus on the actual process as it is taught in comparison to the definition, something that people in the states do not tend to focus on and rarely know a clear definition.

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