Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So I'm black and I apparently stand out, ya I do actually at least here I don’t think that I will near the afro Peruvians but here I do, when I first got here I was close to the complexion of some other people here but now that I've gotten darker and I'm clearly taller than a lot of people here I often stand out and apparently more than I thought because apparently people know me before I know them. I recently just met one of the other volunteer’s parents and they knew my name where I lived and it was quite a bit of information. And the volunteer that lives with them actually said that they seem pretty fascinated with me and the other black volunteer which I had no idea. The first week that I was here I met another another volunteers abuela antrifonia y she said that I look like a Peruvian saint (I think she said san martin)

I don’t remember and other people have said that I look like him too but I have still yet to see a picture to see if it’s true or not. But FYI I apparently have the entire community looking out o at me!

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