Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ok so its getting close to the time that I need to do another interview to see how well I have been learning and adapting to the language and I had no real idea what I was suppose to be doing for it other than talking. Last week I decided to take the approach to 'wiing it' last week because carrying around my dictionary everywhere wasn’t exactly working for me, and I didn’t feel like I was really learning words I just felt like I was just looking for words and not really having a decent conversation. That approach has seemed to work but then again it hasn’t. And today I went to go and ask the language instructors what is actually necessary for me to advance my level and learn what I need to show that I can do and its stuff that I think that I can do I just don’t all of the time because I get hung up on a word or a conjugation or a verb etc. and basically all I have to do is have a continuous conversation and continuously speak once a question is asked of me and not just answer the question which is kinda hard for me because it isn't really all that typical of me to give tons of extra info beyond what is asked of me but apparently that’s kinda of what is culturally expected from someone that is from another country so I guess I will nee to get use to is and I also need to learn how to ask more questions about people but I often don’t ask questions when I’m not interested in the answer so its kinda hard for me to just ask what really could be considered stupid questions like, how’s the weather when I knows its sunny cause I'm talking to you outside o where are you from when I know the answer. But I will just need to get over it and show that I have general interest. Its odd but I'm sure that I will eventually get over it I've been able to get over other stuff it just seems kinda odd to me I've been asked not to ask questions and what do I need to do now ask questions. Go figure.

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