Friday, July 2, 2010

Down Day

So... Today i dont really have too much to do in comparison to the other days that have been jam packed with excitement and training and learning spanish!!!! Ive decided that it really doesnt matter how quickly i learn spanish it will come as it comes. and as long as i understand enough to have a converstion and i am able to say please explain that word because i dont know it im still learning spanish im ok.

And i am FEELING BETTER AND NOT SICK anymore so no need to contanct mis padres and tell them.

One of my friends here suggested that we all make blog posts about bodily functions because they are a very common subject here about wether or not we have diearea actually is a common question just as common as hi how are you doing. but im not going to post that it isnt important enough to do that so im just going to say that it happens.

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