Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ok so I'm not exactly sure why but i seem to be blanking out. Its really odd, well not that odd. I have been ignoring complete languages NOT GOOD! I have managed to forget words in spanish and english and have no idea what is going on. So confusing when that happens and when people switch between english and spanish i have no idea what is going on, and it doesn't help that in my house they have been watching shows that are only in english and have spanish subtitles. Not working out so well and ugh I've been studying spanish, STUDYING SPANISH!!!!! why do i need to study it out side of classes when I'm talking to people every day! why? i can understand studying writing it but I'm practicing speaking by my self it makes no since its so odd I'm having issues conjugating stuff and I don't understand it i thought i was saying things perfectly fine earlier but now i have no idea! so weird. I don't understand but neways i think I'm going to head back to go study and figure out what i need to go and do to advance my language level so that i can have my language at the level required in order for me to swear in August.

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