Monday, June 28, 2010


Bog entry regarding BPA

When I preparing for graduation I was the typical college student finishing classes, taking finals, finalizing post grad plans (continuing with BPA). But it all changed when I got a blue envelope stating Peace Corps Invitee. Well actually an email saying simply stating 'peace corps status' change, and at that point I was still expecting to be able go back to work at BPA for a little less than a year. But anyways once I got the envelope I knew that my time had come. I was being called to do what I had spent the last 12+ months working towards researching and applying and all of the other little minute and enormous activities that needed to be done to know / be prepared / have completed all that is needed to actually have the opportunity to join the PC.

But after all the excitement of graduation and post grad vacation, It was time to return back to BPA to continue my plan as it had been previously set yet there was a change. I had previously thought about it, but put it to the back of my mind as I decided to be respectful and tell everyone in person rather than let people know from an email that got passed and might have missed some (sorry to all of you that you found out about that way it wasn’t my intention, NEWS JUST SPREADS LIKE WILDFIRE). Upon the return on the dark day compared to the warm sunny weather I left! WHY PORTLAND WHY? I got back and things happened much as it had in the past. There was difficulty entering the building, comp issues you know the usual. But then once I got to my desk I realized people were gone. People had left the agency. I assumed that nothing would change but the shocking fact was that wow I spent a period of my life working with these people every summer and it was odd knowing that they aren’t in the cubicle next to you, and that you cant just go to another floor and say hi.

Everyone that I have had the opportunity to work with over the past summers it has been a opportunity that I have cherished and would to have loved to have come back to work with you all full time. But I need to follow my heart and go do well. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to meet some many great people and they have helped me in ways that they cant even begin to realize. So I need to go and pay it forward to someone that may not have been able to get a perspective that you may have shared with me.

You all will be missed. See you all again soon well at least 27 months later.

Soon to be in este Peru

Royce Haughton

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