Monday, June 28, 2010

Post that i didnt review let it go

Hoy yo enquentre la primero voluntario de mi familia aqui en la cuidad cerca de la centro de entermiento (i completely just spelled that word wrong and others probably). Yo tengo no idea el visitio aqui asi cuando el entro yo solo oigo un gringo en la casa pero yo conezco las personas aqui en mi cuidad mucho asi yo conocer el estan no una persona de aqui y el caminio directamente en mi cuarto como estan un cosa tipico porwue el vivio aqui por tres meses como yo el el camina arriba la cerra cada dia como yo pero el estan flaco y ahoro no flaco y no quiero estar flaco solo fuerte pero yo estoy fuerte ahora asi yo estoy bien, ha ha ha.

But anyways he was back in the training center to learn about how he needed to do something because all of the volunteers have to take continuous training etc. (I have been putting etc with things and Spanish and people have let it go but I'm pretty sure there is something else that I should have been doing)

so ya back to the gringo. So PCVs are all pretty cool people its quite surprising I haven’t really found anyone that I don’t like, there are a few in my training group that I don’t trust but dislike no people seem to be cool chilled but there are a few that I put themselves first and have the entire time they have been here cause I only do it when I'm lazy but I talk to people and they know its coming compared to the others who will just dip out #fail. wow completely going on tangents with this one, people were making fun of me for having used twitter and there are some jovens that don’t know what twitter is seriously? You weren’t in a different country you watched TV you used the internet I think they were having some sort of serious technological, communicational, youth issue.

Ok so back to the other person that lived here first. He came back with one another person who he worked with at his site that he has been at for nearly two years in order to learn more and to teach a friend info that would be beneficial to them in order to advance the business. And he was from south Dakota. So for the record Oregon is not that out there south Dakota is #bow (again I have to use my twitter lingo somewhere) but apparently peace corps draws people from random places clearly its just that great of a place. Out of my group the most people are actually from Illinois but the part where there’s corn and the people say they’re from Chicago but in actually aren’t and the next biggest group is from Oregon! Yes Oregon. There are a lot of us we exist and were making a come back! It was also nice to talk to another volunteer that has gone through some other things here like I have its suprising dome of the comparisons that you have to adjust to something as simple as spices. Because very few people here use dry spices. They are all fresh and if it doesn’t easily grow here it probably doesn’t exist at a reasonable price. Another thing that I have found so odd here is that every juice is super sweet and coffee and chocolate too not candy but drinks all drinks that have sugar in them are pure sugar, syrup and something else that I cant remember how to translate. But toda de aqui drink wise is super sweet and the sugarfree things are either nasty or very expensive the version of crystal light here is called clight (they combined the name so smart) but its more expensive than the others almost 40% so many people don’t buy it. I tried it tastes just like crystal light. My family here doesn’t really like it its really different in comparison and the drink is thinner than the other drinks by a lot!

O and I also asked the other volunteer if I would ever be able to find any milk here because the milk here is far worse than whole milk in the US. First of all I already thought that whole milk tastes like cream but the milk here seems like heavy whipping cream. And its incredibly hard to get to fresh milk almost all milk here is canned and contains alot.

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