Monday, June 28, 2010


Ok so it happened to me. I got sick and im still sick and I have no idea how to deal with it here. I was able to deal with the slight stomache cause it was starting to go away but this extra crap from the high altitude trip yesterday and my sore muscles and the creamy poop I don’t know what to do. The peruvians here are just saying that I have the flu but I don’t think so because to me everything can be explained but then again it’s a possibility. And im really temped to just drink a few liters of water and have that flush out my system but when ever I drink water too fast right now I feel like im going to vomit (and im not sure if im not supposed to use vomit here cause when I say it they all look at me weird and say a different word) but I don’t really understand it and don’t feel well enough for them to explain to me bacuse I feel like that would be an even longer conversation. But I may just need to call the doctor because I feel really odd yesterday at high altitude I was fine to hike down the mountain for 2.5 hrs even though I could have taken a horse which now that I look back on it, it would have been better because all of my muscles are sore and im not sure if it was because of the hike o illness. Because I couldn’t catch my breathe when I walked up the hill to my house cause that’s just a 15 min walk but it took me nearly 30 mins and I couldn’t breathe after the first 50 ft or so, so im thinking that im just going to stay in bed like im doing right now.

Hopefully ill feel better soon in este aqui Peru


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