Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Its 2:30 am PST and for some reason it just hit me, well not really but kinda. I only have 10 days left here in the the US of A. And i have all these feelings about it: excitement, fear, frustration, joy etc. but why? I'm here with people and I'm going to be there with people. People are people and I've always felt that way so why am i so worried? is it the location? No. I don't care about the location although i do prefer water access (water is so freeing I suggest you go swimming after reading this water is good for you)

Could it be lack of knowing the language? Nah. Although it is causing some frustration and anticipation my language skills are progressing slowly but surely. What could it be? Is it that people are telling me that I'm going to change and the experiences are going to change me? Maybe that's the only thing that i can really think of. to best explain it I'm going to do something bad... I'm going to quote Sarah Silverman ugh! i cant believe I'm doing this but then again it is 2:30 in the morning. and i have no idea if this is true or not cause i didn't watch lost it seemed dumb to me. (and unknown persons seems like its gunna be a copy of lost or its gunna be like the 4400 and if it is someone please send it to me) neways she said that the people lost on the island were living their lives at different times but the island altered time so they all lived at the same time but they didn't but they did but only on the island or something like that. SO i feel like I've been living my life in these three different worlds all within the US of course from the 3 places I've lived keeping up with all the politics, past experiences, future experiences, relationships etc. as they take place, there when I'm there, when I'm away and when I'm virtually there. (just because i mentioned technology doesn't mean I'm having pre-departure remorse over technology ill miss it for a while but really i don't need technology you all need it to contact me so HA!) But as i prepare to add another world to intertwine with the others i wonder if it will fade into the past like summer camps past or Mexico or maybe I'm just now feeling the remorse from graduating NOT! although i do miss my friend and the realization that i wont see them again next year like before is saddening but that's why we have networks like Facebook and hopefully everyone will keep the same email address since some people have already planned to change their phone numbers.

But neways I'm excited about leaving for Peru! with the 56? others i don't know if they will all be doing the same work as i will but it will be interesting and exciting to meet them. A few of them graduated as Spanish majors so my Spanish is no where near theirs so i clearly have some work to do since they're typing messages in Spanish which I'm happy to say that i was able to decipher without the use of a translator it did take me a while to figure out a couple of words.

Those of you still in DC ill see you soon others of you i still have a week here although I'm working and I'm going to go see Shrek so those of you that want to join are welcome. Also how about you all follow the blog just reading the blog is going to have you confused and you'll miss your shout out @Hutch_Jessica ha did it and you wont even know.

Soon to be in este aqui Peru


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